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    2 Your Health – Migraines and Headaches

    What's the difference between a headache and a migraine? Watch this installment of 2 Your Health and learn about the different types of headaches,...

    2 Your Health – Safe Exercise in the Heat

    Spring and summer bring warmer temperatures, so find out how to exercise and tackle those weekend projects safely. 2 Your Health is sponsored by...

    2 Your Health – Prenatal Testing

    Prenatal testing is very important in the early stages of pregnancy. Find out more about prenatal testing and how to choose the best OBGYN...

    2 Your Health – Heart Disease

    Heart disease is the number one killer in the U.S. and the world. Watch this installment of 2 Your Health to find out some...

    2 Your Health – Pediatric Heart Health

    Pediatric heart health is very important. Find out how to help kids have good habits and stay heart healthy.

    2 Your Health – Virtual Nurse Observation Program

    The Virtual Nurse Observation Program at Atrium Health is going to bring forth the patient room of the future.

    2 Your Health – Palmetto Tower

    Atrium Health Pineville opened the newly constructed Palmetto Tower. The new patient bed tower will provide next generation hospital rooms and easier access to...

    2 Your Health – Lung Cancer Awareness

    Medical oncologist Dr. Daniel Haggstrom talks with CN2's 2 Your Health about lung cancer awareness.

    2 Your Health – Breast Health and Mammography

    2 Your Health discusses breast health and mammography with oncologist Dr. Sejal Dave of Atrium Health.

    2 Your Health – Breast Cancer Awareness

    Dr. Sejal Dave, oncologist at Levine Cancer Institute in Rock Hill, talks with 2 Your Health about breast cancer awareness.

    2 Your Health – Back to School

    Dr. Ranya Chakra, pediatrician at Levine Children’s Rock Hill Pediatric Associates, talks with 2 Your Health about students returning to in person learning during...

    2 Your Health – Women’s Health

    2 Your Health discusses women's health with Dr. Natasha Adams/Denny, OBGYN at the new Atrium Health’s Women’s Care Creek Pointe OBGYN.
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