Sub Station Signage Calling for Tepper’s Attention

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – It hasn’t been built yet…. and, we are not talking about the Panther’s Training Facility here in Rock Hill but, rather a sub sandwich, that one store owner also says has yet to be built.

Rock Hill’s Substation II, located on Cherry Road across from Winthrop University, is poking fun at the serious topic of the Panther’s Facility pause with their signage reading. “Try the Tepper Sub Out – But Nobody Will Talk About it”

Of course among other points, the sign is referencing the fact that Panthers owner David Tepper has yet to say anything about the construction pause that’s now passed the month mark.

Sub Station II owner Charlie Ruffalo opened his business 35 years ago and has always enjoyed making light of issues in the news. He said one customer did attempt to order the Tepper Sub, but Sub Station II simply told the customer that they “couldn’t talk about and it hadn’t been built.”

Ruffalo said, “There is no agenda behind it, the agenda is just to make people smile. With my sign, I just can’t help poking fun of things in town and this lately has been a point of frustration for many of us here in the town, especially the leadership and politicians. So, I thought I would poke a little fun.”

Ruffalo has been making a statement on his sign for years, in 1989 when Hurricane Hugo came through this area his sign read, “Hugo Ate Here” and still today on the other side of his sign is a reference to this year’s Will Smith, Chris Rock incident at the Oscars.

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