Student Volunteers With Palmetto Women’s Center Gives Rock Hill Schools Cafeteria Workers, Bus Drivers A Sweet Surprise

ROCK HILL, S.C. — A group of student volunteers at the Palmetto Women’s Center are giving Rock Hill Schools a sweet surprise.

On Monday, they delivered 72 cupcakes to schools around Rock Hill.

They gave them specifically to bus drivers delivering food to students and cafeteria workers handing out the food to families.

The volunteers partnered with Elevation Church to put cupcakes inside boxes decorated with encouraging words, such as “you are great” and “thank you for your blessings.”

The volunteers say the project is their way of expressing their gratitude to these school leaders who are still doing what they can for students during a challenging time.

The boxes also include a slip that lists the Palmetto Women’s Center’s contact information and social handles.

“The Palmetto Women Center is just what we are doing here is just showing that we are here in the community,” Sebastian Kniffin, a Palmetto Women’s Center student volunteer, said. “We’re helping serve the community. It helps get the word out that we’re living pro life here and just letting people know we are here to serve and they can come to us if they need help.”

Those at the women’s center say it’s been a little difficult hosting events, while also following CDC guidelines and social distancing, but they’re trucking along to continue serving others.

Volunteers are hoping to put together baby showers for pregnant moms in our area over the next month or two.