Staying Healthy During Quarantine



YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) With many people in our area continuing to stay home and self quarantine some are considering how they can stay healthy. Many are being advised to buy non-perishable foods that will last. CN2’s catching up with dietitians to see what they’re recommending people buy on their next trip to the grocery store.

Registered dietitian Lacy Ngo, says it’s more important now, to consider how you’re fueling your body. “When I think about the quarantine diet. I think we need to keep on having a balanced diet. We want our diet to be kinda like a Mediterranean diet, studies show the Mediterranean diet is better for the immune system,” says Lacy.

Winthrop University’s Human Nutrition department chair Wanda Koszewski says its important to avoid those sugary sweets. “You don’t wanna get the non-nutrients dense foods like the cookies and the cakes and the candy and things like that,” says Wanda.

She suggests buying foods packed with essential nutrients. She also suggests using this time to get closer to family.