SLED Investigating Fake Calls Concerning Active Shooter in Schools Across SC

TRI-COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – SLED says its aware of school threats across South Carolina its evaluating the credibility of these threats.

At this time officials with SLED say the threats are believed to be a hoax, but is encouraging each district to take any and all threats seriously.
If you have any information about these threats, please call local law enforcement.

Authorities in Lancaster, Chester and York Counties are investigating hoax active shooter calls throughout the school districts.

Chester authorities said these calls are hoax and are being received by districts nationwide today.

Both Sheriff’s Offices are saying out of abundance of caution they are increasing presence at all schools.

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is saying Officers cleared the campus building-by-building and found no shooter or unauthorized person on the campus.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said they are put all schools on secure lock-out.

The  Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement:

“At 11:35 this morning Lancaster County Public Safety Communications received a call of an active shooter at South Middle School, 1551 Billings Drive, Lancaster.  The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, the Lancaster Police Department, Lancaster County Fire and Rescue, Lancaster County Emergency Medical Services, Lancaster County Emergency Management, and other agencies responded immediately.  The school was placed on lock down.  Officers cleared the campus building-by-building and found no shooter or unauthorized person on the campus.  No weapons were brought onto the campus.  No shooting occurred on the campus.  It is believed that the incident was fabricated and is similar to other incidents that have occurred at several schools throughout the state this morning.
The sheriff’s office will investigate this false call and take appropriate action concerning the person or persons who are involved.

All students are safe.  No injuries occurred.  There is no present threat to students or employees at any school in the district.  The school day will continue at all schools throughout the district.  Parents are discouraged from coming to South Middle School or any other school in the district to pick up students.  Parents who do intend to pick up their students from South Middle School should drive into the car rider line in an orderly fashion and wait for further instructions.”

Chester County Sheriff’s Office Released the following statement Below:

“In the last hour, the Chester County Sheriff’s Office has received calls claiming there is an active shooter at Chester County Schools.
As far as we can tell, these calls are a hoax and are being received by school districts nationwide today.
Out of an abundance of caution, we are increasing our presence at all Chester County Schools.
Additionally, the district has been advised to put all locations on a secure lock-out. The calls were received by their dispatch center
This is an ongoing investigation.”

CN2 will continue to cover this story. This is all that we have this time.

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