Searching for Answers, 8 Years Later: Disappearance of Aaliyah Bell Hall


ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – This year marks 8 years since Aaliyah Bell Hall vanished in Rock Hill.

Authorities say the 18 year-old was on her way back to her godmother’s house, walking on a path she took many times before, but she never made it home.

That was two nights before Thanksgiving.

When she didn’t show up to gather with family on the holiday, those who love her knew something wasn’t right and reported her missing to police.

The newest detective assigned to this cold case and Bell’s aunt spoke spoke out about the 8 year anniversary and their efforts to continue the search for her.

Aaliyah’s aunt, Laroy Hall talked to CN2’s Renee O’Neil by phone, describing her niece as loyal and having a love for her family.

That’s why the pain of not knowing what happened to her the night of November 25th 2014 is so real.

“I just want clarity, I just want closure, I just want to feel whole again”, says Laroy.

According to Police, Aaliyah was last seen leaving her uncle’s house on Chestnut Street, November 25th, 2014 around 11:15 PM. It was rainy and cold.

Aaliyah was supposed to be taking a path she took many times to her Godmother’s home on North Confederate Avenue. Police say she didn’t make it and hasn’t been seen since.

There have been possible sightings of her in other parts of the state and North Carolina, but none of those were Aaliyah, according to police.

Eight years later, her family says they are frustrated but are still hopeful she will be found.

On average, each month officials meet to review and re-introduce cold cases and Rock Hill

Rock Hill Police detective, Tayler Tucker is the newest set of eyes on the case.

On average, each month officials meet to review and re-introduce cold cases.

“Its difficult to imagine an 18 year old girl just up and vanishing from no where. There are no leads, no signs of a struggle on the path, its like she up and vanished”, says Tucker.

Tucker says there are no new leads on the case, but that isn’t stopping them from going through every piece of the puzzle to try and bring answers to the family.

“We are always going to have hope of solving the case. And we are going to continue to work until we do solve the case”, says Tucker.

Lt. Michael Chavis with the Rock Hill Police Department was one of the first investigators on the case. He says he spent countless hours retracing the steps Aaliyah would have taken and adds for anyone who may know something, to come forward.

“We Want a resolution to know what happened to Aaliyah Bell”, says Chavis.

Aaliyah Bell Hall’s family recently did a balloon release in her honor, as they do each year around the time she disappeared.

Rock Hill Police are asking anyone with information about what may have happened to Aaliyah, please come forward, even the smallest amount of information could make a huge difference in the case.

Call (803) 329-7293.

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