School District Pushing For Stricter School Bus Laws After Student Almost Hit By Logging Truck


LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) The Lancaster County School District is pushing for stricter school bus laws after a student was nearly hit by a logging truck while getting on the bus.

Bryan Vaughn, the Director of Safety and Transportation for the Lancaster County School District, said he shared the video on Facebook as a warning.

“We’re just seeing a trend where people and the general public aren’t paying attention,” said Vaughn.

In the video, which was shared on Facebook this week, the student is seen getting on the bus.  A few seconds after the student was on the bus, the video shows a logging truck drive by where the student was just standing.

“Had that child been 20 seconds later to the bus,” said Vaughn, “That child would probably not be here today.”

Vaughn says in the last six weeks, there have been three incidents involving school buses.

In September, a mother waiting on her child at the school bus stop on Pageland Highway was nearly killed after she was hit by a car.  The accident also involved the school bus her son was on, a logging truck and two other cars.

Vaughn says something has to be done before there is a fatality.

“I think there are some things that need to be done as far as legislation goes on the state level,” said Vaughn.

Lonnie Plyler, a former South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper who now works in the Safety and Transportation department with Vaughn, says it should start with a study to figure out why current laws are not stopping these dangerous situations.

“Just go over everything that we have and present that out on the table and try to come up with a solution,” said Plyler.

Brandon Newton, who represents District 45 in the SC State house, says he welcomes the idea start the conversation and possibly introduce bills relating to school bus safety in the future.

“I’d be more than willing to look at bills that would help us increase penalties or just focus on this topic,” said Newton.

Newton says there is a hands free only cellphone use bill making its way through the SC Senate that, if passed, would help limit distracted driving.  The bill does not specifically address school zones or school buses.






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