SC Forestry Commission Lifts Statewide Burning Ban Effective Today

UPDATE: The South Carolina Forestry Commission has decided to lift the statewide burning ban it had put in place earlier this month.

It’s now in effect, according to the commission.

In a Facebook post, the SC Forestry Commission lists what all will be allowed going forward. It also includes a release on SC DHEC requirements for storm-related debris.


SOUTH CAROLINA — The South Carolina Forestry Commission has issued a statewide burning ban, effective now and will stay in effect until further notice.

The state Forestry Commission says the burning ban for all South Carolina counties has two purposes.

One, to protect people’s property and the trees and land, as well as those dealing with respiratory issues related to COVID-19. Also, state officials say reducing outdoor burning will also minimize the strain on local fire departments and other first responders who need to remain available for other COVID-19 response activities

As part of the burning ban, you can not do any outdoor burning of yard debris, no forestry, wildlife or agricultural burns also known as prescribed or controlled burns, nor campfires or any other types of recreational open burning.

Lesslie Fire Department Chief Tommy White says with so many people home and cleaning out their houses and doing yard work, he says more people will be tempted to burn items.

“What happens when this smoke gets real heavy and low, people coming from the doctor, parked and had to go their house and it was really smoky in the area, it would really cause some major issues, so the forestry went ahead and issued this statewide burning ban,” White said.

Chief White addds if any fire department gets a call to respond to a fire and they put it out, those responsible are looking at tough penalties starting a $500 and increasing from there.

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