S.C. Highway Patrol, Homeless Shelters Prepare for Winter Weather

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – While not nearly the same amount of winter weather is expected in the Tri-County, first responders still need to prepare for the worse possible case.

Forecasters say our area could see anywhere from flurries to an inch of snow.

Because temperatures will drop dramatically on Friday and the ground will be wet, that brings significant ice concerns.

South Carolina Highway Patrol saying during last week’s storm they didn’t see any fatalities on South Carolina roadways as a result of the winter weather and want that to stay the same with this storm.

“If you have the opportunity to stay home and enjoy it, get out and play in it just don’t drive in it”, says Master Trooper Gary Miller.

South Carolina Highway Patrol, warning drivers before they hit the roads as the cold and wet weather approaches the Tri-County.

“Our number one goal is to try to stop crashes before they happen”, says Miller.

Master Trooper Gary Miller says during last week’s snow and ice storm, although they didn’t see any storm related fatalities on the roads, there were more than 400 collisions, He says even though we may not get much snow, don’t be fooled.

“Check your temperature because black ice is hard to see. A thin layer of water on the road way, the temperature drops to 25 degrees, which is very common this time of year, quickly freezes over, makes it for a slick sheet of ice almost like trying to walk on oily glass”, says Miller.

Not only is highway patrol working to keep driver safe on the roads, those who work with our homeless population also preparing for the possible winter weather ahead.

“We are making sure there’s a safe place, a warm place, for men to be in the evening. We also run the Bethel Day Shelter and at the day shelter we are assuring there is a safe place for homeless men and women during the day”, says Sutton.

Reverend Emily Sutton with Bethel Men’s Shelter says during last week’s storm, more than 60 men needed a warm place to sleep. She says they are ready for the same need this weekend.

“Right now we have the capacity for 66 men at both of our shelters. If we go over that number, we already have a third site”, says Sutton.

Sutton says that is thanks to their community church partners.

Courtney Denton with the Life house Women’s Shelter says they were able to help more than a dozen women escape the cold last weekend in their overflow shelter, The Cottage. She says they are ready to serve more as the threat of winter weather continues.

“We are able to sleep up to 36 women so there’s still more space. So anyone who is in need of s safe, warm shelter are welcome to come to the cottage”, says Denton.

Denton and Sutton both agree, thanks to volunteers and community help, they hope no one is left in the cold.

If you are a single woman in need of shelter you can go to the Cottage which is at Park Baptist Church is Rock Hill. Denton asks for women to come between 7 PM and 8 PM to get checked in.

If you are a single man in need of shelter, Rev. Sutton says to come to the Bethel Men’s Shelter at 6 PM. It is located at 1232 Curtis Street, Rock Hill.

Rev. Sutton also adding they need volunteers to help with laundry.

If you would like to volunteer or donate, visit: http://www.bethelmensshelter.org/

If you would like to learn more about The Life House Women’s Shelter, visit: http://www.thelifehousewomensshelter.org/


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