Rock Hill’s Mass Vaccine Clinic Prepares to Move to Phase 1B



ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) With more people able to get the COVID vaccine come Monday, those working the vaccine clinics are busy preparing for those crowds.

Rock Hill city leaders saying they are happy and ready to move forward to the next phase as they continue working to get as many shots in arms as possible.

The parking lot packed at Rock Hill’s mass COVID vaccine clinic on this Friday, as city leaders continue vaccinating those in Phase 1A and open up the vaccine to educators.

One Fort Mill teacher saying “Fort Mill School District has made extreme efforts to make sure all of our teachers and facility workers, support staff, stay safe.”

Another Fort Mill teacher saying, “I’m very excited that we’re able to be more safe as teachers.”

We spoke with seniors still in phase 1A, who say they’re pleased to have gotten their shots. When asked if they thought it was a good time for our state to transition to Phase 1B they had this to say. One Phase 1A senior sharing, “I think it’s time. I think it’s quickly as we can get everybody done the better.” Another senior says, “I think we need to start vaccinating the younger people too. I mean the younger people between 25 and 60 they’re working and you know, they’re putting on that…they’re in jeopardy of getting it. ”

Rock Hill leaders say they saw a dip and scheduled appointments this week but are preparing for large numbers next week. They say that as they move into phase 1B, they hope to vaccinate 3,000 people here in the City of Rock Hill.

Katie Quinn with the City of Rock Hill says, “We had the last couple of weeks, some gaps in when we were receiving a supply of vaccines. And so, we needed to cancel a few days in the previous weeks. Last week we released several appointments for this current week that were in, and had a really hard time filling those.”

With more than 100 volunteers signed up to work the clinic Monday morning, city leaders say they’re ready to take the next steps.

“We’re actually very pleased that the governor made that decision since we were having a hard time filling the appointments that we couldn’t…with just phase 1A folks,” says Quinn.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with city leaders about the transition to phase 1BB and what that means for the mass vaccination clinic.

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