Rock Hill’s Housing Development Corporation Shares Annual Impact



ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The Housing Development Corporation of Rock Hill holding its annual meeting at one home its built over the last year in partnership with SC Housing.

The HDC of Rock Hill, reflecting on its many accomplishments in 2020, at its annual meeting on this Tuesday. With nine new affordable houses constructed and nearly 400 households getting assistance, leaders say it was one of the corporation’s biggest years yet, continuing to provide affordable options in a volatile market.

HDCRH Executive Director, Dawn Willingham says, “We concentrate on the low to moderate incomes and try to build homes and rent homes that those people can afford to buy. A lot of times our clients get out bid so, we don’t build a lot of homes at a time, but the ones that we build are affordable for that segment of the community.”

HDC leaders say it’s not every day that one of their clients goes through not one, but three of their programs. One special client shares her story on how she went from homelessness to housing.

HDC housing Coordinator, Krista Parenti says, “We’re very fortunate to have partners with the homeless shelters and with other agencies who can help us do the work. So I called her and I had her come in, so that we could sit down and we can talk and she told me her story.”

HDCRH program participant, Patricia Trantham, saying, “I’ve been faced with a lot of things since 2016 and I’ve ended up being in my car quite a bit.”

Patricia Trantham moved into her newly rehabbed, income based rental in June apart of the HDC’s “Rapid Rehousing” Program. She says she’s grateful for what these housing programs do for the community.

“Having something like this you know to help people out, is tremendous. You know more people need to get out from under those bridges,” says Trantham.

“I think the important thing here in Rock Hill, that maybe is not in every community is that we recognize that we are not working in silos and we’re not competing. We all have the same goal. We just want to help the people that need it. And I think that that really shows when cases like this come up,” says Parenti.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with leaders about the importance role home security plays.

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