Rock Hill Schools Announces Graduation Plans, Among Other End-Of- Year Topics

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Last week, Superintendent Dr. Bill Cook made a decision on the Rock Hill Schools graduation plans for the class of 2020.

After thorough examination and gathering feedback, the school district has decided to use district 3 and district 3 south open-air stadiums on June 4th and June 6th. Rain date scheduled for June 8th. Graduate students will participate in a live ceremony and are allowed up to two guests. Dr. Cook says this is the best way to maintain safety and compliance for students and their families.

Each high school principal will share additional details regarding time and date for their specific ceremony and procedures to follow.

The event will be lived streamed so other family members and friends who cannot attend can watch.

Dr. Cook, as well as school staff and parents, considered a later graduation or virtual ceremony. They also considered drive-through options.

The superintendent believes the open-air stadium option best maintains the safety and security of the roughly 1,200 students and their families. He adds this is the best way to bring the graduating class back together to honor them individuality and collectively.

The school district is also putting banners, signs and billboards in place to show collective recognition for all the seniors in the class of 2020.

Watch the video above to learn more about end of year processes, high school graduations, student registration, grading and testing, collection of learning packets, devices and fees and more.


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