Rock Hill Police Body Cam Footage Sheds More Light on the Arrest of Travis Price



YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Travis Price’s attorney and a state representative are now calling for further investigation into Jonathan Moreno’s past cases with the Rock Hill Police Department over the last 10 years.

South Carolina Representative John King saying, “As a state representative I will be going to the city to ask that they investigate all cases that are outstanding and passed that Moreno has been involved in.”

Rock Hill Police officers arrested Ricky Price on drug and gun related charges. His brother Travis Price came to the scene to collect is brother’s belongings.

South Carolina 16th Circuit Solicitor, Kevin Brackett, says, “As regards the arrest of Travis Price by Officer Moreno, I have also looked at the video and from that arrest I concur with the decision of the city solicitor to dismiss the charge of hindering police. I see no evidence, I saw no evidence, that Travis Price did anything. He was where the police and other officers had told him that he had a right to be. Officer Mereno came to him, pushed him back, and pushed him up against the tank. And then ultimately took him down to the ground. He had done nothing wrong. He had no cause to do that.”

Officials say other officers had given Travis Price permission to be on the scene to collect the items, but authorities say that was not properly communicated to Moreno.

Travis Price’s attorney is asking why it took nearly two weeks to exonerate his client. Rock Hill Police Chief Chris Watts saying Johnathan Moreno, violated policy in not deescalating, but actually escalating his interaction with Travis Price.

Chief Watts says there were many lessons to be learned from the arrest.

“We want the community to come out if you see something that is improper, we are always asking for people to come forward. There’s people that complain and we take every complaint seriously as we did this one so we can improve as a police department,” says Chief Watts.

Investigators say they waited to release the body cam video until all witnesses of the incident had been interviewed, which took place over the past two weeks.

16th Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett says trust between the community and law enforcement is key in moving forward.

“The community needs to know they can trust law enforcement and law-enforcement needs to know they have the support of the community because we can’t have a society without the police,” says Brackett.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson begins our coverage with a deeper look at the arrest, that led to Moreno’s termination.

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