Rock Hill Pharmacy Rebuilding After Fire And Now COVID-19, Says It’s Thankful For It’s Customers

ROCK HILL, S.C. — A family-owned pharmacy in Rock Hill wants the community to know it’s here and ready to serve.

Back in September of 2018, the Palmetto Family Pharmacy was hit with a fire that caused it to shut its doors.

But, they are proudly open again at 2 locations.

Owners at the Palmetto Family Pharmacy say the fire started after a drink cooler shorted out. Some of the tenants in the building say they could hear a loud bang. That’s when the Rock Hill Fire Department was called out to the put out the blaze, but it was the smoke damage that ruined everything and forced the owners to gut the building.

They say the rebuilding of shelves, doors, windows and medicine took longer than expected.

“Thankfully, our software wasn’t damaged and we had to, we moved it to our Fort Mill location and basically operated it out of there for a year,” Owner Brandon Hall, said.

And for customers who couldn’t go up to Fort Mill, Hall wanted to go the extra mile.

“I would come down here and meet them and let them pick up directly form me,” Hall said. “So, put in a lot of work to make it, to kind of stay where we’re at and keep our, and keep our customer base and it worked out well. They were phenomenal. They stayed with us and we couldn’t be more blessed.”

Palmetto Family Pharmacy offers over the country supplements, vitamins, durable medical equipment, wound care and even a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, just like big name pharmacies, but what makes it unique…

“You can get the same drug here that you can get at CVS or Walgreens but not the same service, and that’s what we wanted to have separate us from everyone else is how we treat you when you come in the door and we want to treat everybody with respect, fairness,” Hall said. “We want to know your name. We want to know how you’re doing and we just want to make sure your alright and that things are going good for you.”

“It even goes deeper than getting to know the customers and they become part of our family here, but finding out what’s best for them and seeing what best price we can get them out there,” said Jon Alion, pharmacy owner.

As if a fire wasn’t enough, the business is also fighting through COVID-19. For now, Hall says business has been steady and although doctor visits have lessened, people he says still need their medication.

He hopes this starts the conversation on the importance of sticking to your medication and being as healthy as you can be with diet, exercise and maintaining a quality of life.


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