Rock Hill Elections: City Council Candidates, Voting, And Results

RESULTS: Here are the projected winning candidates and unofficial numbers of Rock Hill’s 2019 general election by ward.

WARD 1: Derrick L Lindsay – 237;Antonio J Mickel – 117

WARD 2: Kathy Pender – 326;H Keith Dyer – 48

WARD 3: Kevin Sutton


ROCK HILL, S.C. — Today – Rock Hill’s polls have seen a typical turnout for this city election.

The city has an election the third Tuesday of October on odd years.
Ward 1:
Derrick Lindsay
Antonio Mickel

Ward 2:
Keith Dyer
Kathy Pender

Ward 3:
Kevin Sutton

This year – Antonio Mickel and Derrick Lindsay were on the ballot for ward 1, Kathy Pender and Keith Dyer were on the ballot for ward 2 and Kevin Sutton was on the ballot unopposed for ward 3.

Antonio Mickle will be watching from the Masonic Temple.
Derrick Lindsay will be watching from Blu J Agency.
Kathy Pender will be watching from Rock Hill brewing company.
Keith Dyer has said he’ll be watching privately.

We’ll have more from them later on in our election coverage tonight.