Recount Results Are In For Senate District 16 Seat

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The results are in from the South Carolina senate seat for district 16.

The results are in from the South Carolina senate seat for district 16.

State law requires a recount of the election results as Kristen Blanchard just missed 2nd place to her opponent Michael Johnson, within 1 percent of the votes.

Blanchard says she’s proud to have won the votes from her home county, Lancaster. She says county representation was something that was extremely important to her and to her supporters.

The 2 Republican candidates left are York County-based.

Now, the Democratic candidate is from Lancaster County, but that’s not enough for her to support him.

“Well I’m a constitutionalist and I’m a Republican so I mean yeah that’s that. So, honestly right now it’s tiring we’ve just been going nonstop, and I can’t wait to go home and just be with my family,” Blanchard said. “You know I care deeply about this community, and I did things with the community before the selection and I will continue to do you things with the community. You know, it’s exciting that I’ve met so many more people, my semi circle has become so much bigger and it’s just amazing people all over this community, both counties. So, I’m gonna continue to do the work that I do. I do community relations and that’s going to be important, anything we can do to uplift the community.”

CN2 also spoke with candidate Michael Johnson who says it was very important that every vote was counted.

He says now that the results are in, he plans to do all he can to convince the people of York and Lancaster County that he’s the right person to represent district 16 in Columbia.

Johnson goes up against Tom Nichols June 23rd. That winner will then be on the November ballot.