Postpartum workout plan by Debbie Rast

Postpartum Strength and Endurance –

Plus, Transverse Abdominal work for the Core Circuit

*** Make sure you have the okay from your Dr. before starting any exercise program.

warm up… 5 minutes

Dynamic, moving stretches or walk/ 5-7 minutes in Treadmill

All Circuits are 45 seconds work/15 seconds of rest  repeat each circuit Twice.

  • add weight to make it harder.
  • option low impact cardio at the end of each circuit


# Circuit1


2.wide bicep / hammer curl

^  add weight 2 nd time

( change grip second round to hammer curl)

cardio- March or atl climb on bottom stair..,( cardio is an opinion)

# 2

1.pile or Sumo Squat / w upright row – for lats.

  1. french press- triceps

*cardio option of choice

# 3

1.static lunge – 30 seconds each leg

  1. over head press – shoulders 1 or 2 weights- * cardio option

#4 core

  • goal to to strengthen your  -transverse abs – TVA
  • 30 seconds per move / twice

Diastasis Reti- recti separation

  1. cat / cow breathing  in table top position.
  2. supine / engage core alt  heel drops w legs bent  90 degrees
  3. alternate bent leg slide, R/L
  4. pelvic tilt – bridge -hold 5 seconds, repeat for 45 seconds.

^ spine in mat/ tilt hips towards rib cage

Lastly, please make sure you static stretch at the end, take breaks during this workout and re-hydrate as well.

-Debbie Rast

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