Part 1: 2020 Primary Election Breakdown, Runoffs And Voter Turnout

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — On Tuesday, voters made their way to the polls or by absentee, cast their ballots for the 2020 June primary.

In this year’s election, runoff made headlines. Multiple candidates are now prepping for round 2, at least on the GOP side.

In the video above, we have all your election coverage and numbers on voter turnout.

State Senate 16 seat: Tom Nichols, Michael Johnson

State Senate 17 seat: MaryGail Douglas, Mike Fanning

York County Council District 1 and 6: Tom Audette, Debi Cloninger; Britt Blackwell, Brandon Guffey

Chester County Council District 6: William Killian, Alex Oliphant

Lancaster County Auditor race: Suzette Murphy, Susan Wallace

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