One Year Later – Honoring Det. Doty’s Memory Then & Now

Rock Hill, SC (NEWS) It’s hard to imagine, but this week back in 2018 life changed.
That’s when members of our law enforcement community came under attack.
In one evening our core was shaken and one family along the York county sheriff’s office lost one of its own.
But Detective Mike Doty is far from forgotten,
other officers were also injured that night and national media flocked to town.
With that the sheriff’s department is choosing to protect its work family by doing its own interviews, some of which we’ll be sharing with you this week.
But tonight we look back at not only our coverage from that week but also some of our memories.
We hope it gives you insight into some of the behind the scenes decisions that are made as we’ve truly tried to make every effort to honor his memory then and now.


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