Non-Profit Left Without Power After Holiday Theft

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Victory Gardens International is looking at urban farming, food production, food access and job creation in low-wealth communities across the globe. It’s based here in Rock Hill and is playing a big role in the re-development of the Southside of Rock Hill.

However, the non-profit’s Greenhouse on Crawford Road in Rock Hill was broken into over the Thanksgiving Holiday and when members returned they found their source of power was missing.

The organizations founder, Jonathan Nazeer, says their generator was stolen along with several extension cords, which has left the greenhouse without the power to grow fruits and vegetables for the community. He is confident the organization will still find a way to complete the greenhouse project, but he still can’t understand why someone would choose to take from a non-profit.

Nazeer says he has since reported the incident to the Rock Hill Police Department, and is working to install more cameras around the greenhouse to prevent this from happening again. He says the hardest part for him is having to lock down a space he hoped could be open to the community.

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