Nicotine vaping rises in popularity amongst York County youth

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The Tobacco Free York County Coalition says its seen a rise in e-cigarettes and vaping usage among younger people in our area.

Coalition staff point out that 20-percent of all high school students age 18 and under in South Carolina have self reported their own use of nicotine vaping products.

The Coalition Chair here in York County, Dr. David Keely, says the rise of popularity in these electronic tobacco devices is largely in part thanks to clever marketing tactics from tobacco companies that target younger customers with new nicotine flavors, which can be found from popular brands like Juul.

Leaders say while these flavors sound fun, they’re likely as harmful as cigarettes, although vaping effects aren’t yet fully understood.

“All of the studies on Cancer and Tobacco products took 10 to 20 years of somebody being exposed,” Dr. Keely said. “Parents need to be cautioning their kids that if they continue with this, we don’t know, there may be detrimental scaring that begins to form in the lungs which then decreases athletic ability.”

Tobacco Free York County adds vape products often contain more than just nicotine, and even use chemical like formaldehyde and metals like nickel and lead which can be consumed when vaping.

The Coalition urges parents to pay attention to the habits of their children to avoid vape use and nicotine addiction.

Tobacco free urges all who struggle with nicotine addiction to call the South Carolina Tobacco Quitline at 1-800-784-8669 for help in stopping nicotine use.

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