An Inside Look Into New Restaurant Coming To McCrory’s Building In Downtown Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Earlier this year, CN2 News broke the story that a new restaurant was coming to the McCrory’s building in downtown Rock Hill.

This comes after the Five and Dine restaurant closed last year.

Now, we’re learning more about the renowned chef, Chef Rob Masone, taking over the restaurant and event space, his ties to Rock Hill and his plans for the restaurant.

“Our goal at the end of the day is not to tear this place apart, but to bring this place back to life. We do not want to rip this place apart, but it does need a face lift,” Masone said. “But historically, we’re gonna keep this counter. And historically, it’s pretty cool underneath there. We’re excited to be able to showcase it a little more and bring it into the modern age.”

Today, the chef is opening the doors. In the video above, CN2’s Indira Eskieva gets an exclusive look inside the building as it prepares for renovations.

You’ll also hear from David Williamson, a member of the Friendship 9 that staged a sit-in in what was formerly known as a civil rights era restaurant. He’ll talk about what he thinks of the changes.

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