New Organization in Clover Helps Charlotte’s ‘Tent City’



CLOVER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) A new organization, Project Tent City, based out of Clover is gathering supplies for homeless people in need in Uptown Charlotte.

They say since the beginning of COVID-19 many homeless people have had limited access to protective gear. Now, they are creating Angel Bags to distribute.

Clover’s Ali Eubanks founded Project Tent City, only one week ago. In that time she’s been able to rally volunteers from the community to help a cause now near to her heart.

Ali says, “there’s just a lot of demographic found there it’s young people, old people, college graduates, single mothers, war veterans you know they’re just out on the streams because they lost their jobs from COVID.”

Ali says homelessness numbers are on he rise in our area. She says since the beginning of COVID-19 many people have lost their jobs, their homes and most of all hope. She says these people are at the lowest point in their lives and that’s a familiar memory that drove her to help.

“Six months ago I was in the hospital for my drug addiction with opioids,” says Ali. “It’s a terrible, terrible thing that’s going on in York County right now with the younger generation. I was personally at my lowest point. 6 months ago and I wouldn’t of came out of it, if it wasn’t for my amazing town.”

Angel bags are packed with personal hygiene products and other personal supplies this group felt that people might need in the Charlotte area. They’re looking to pack more than 150 of these bags to be delivered to tent city this Saturday.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with the service projects leaders about what the donations will mean.