New Indy’s Response to Claims of Catawba River Contamination

YORK, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The New Indy Paper Mill in York County is responding to claims that its facility is leaking cancer-causing pollution into the Catawba River.

A report is claiming cancer causing Die-oxin, as well as other pollutants, are being released into the Catawba River from the plant and residents are threatening a lawsuit and demanding the mill to clean it up,

New Indy officials say “New-Indy Catawba denies the baseless accusations that were irresponsibly made in the report”. it goes on to say that small amounts of Dioxin was left on the property by the previous owner, a byproduct of the bleaching process used by the Bowater Mill to make white paper. That practice was discontinued nearly 20 years ago.”

Since New Indy took over in 2018, it says it has not produced dioxin. Officials say they maintain 15 wells throughout the mill property so that it can carefully monitor dioxin levels

The aerial photograph of the New-Indy Catawba property shows the monitoring wells. The only well to detect a nominal amount of dioxin was one located more than a half-mile from the Catawba River.

South Carolina DHEC says its aware of these allegations and are in the process of reviewing the report. They added to date, DHEC has reviewed extensive data that shows no indication of the release of these pollutants into the Catawba River.

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