New Development Set to Revitalize South Side of Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – It’s being called the catalyst for the South Side community of Rock Hill.

A grocery store, restaurants and more coming to an area that hasn’t seen development in many years. It will be called “Three Points at South End”.

New life is coming to an area of Rock Hill that looks as if it was forgotten.

“This is a sign of hope. This is a sign of what’s to come”, says Nikita Jackson.

Vincent James with the nonprofit – development group, Impact Change announcing he along with partners, Warren Norman and others will be revitalizing Rock Hill’s South Side with a commercial development called “Three Points at South End” totally around 40,500 square feet.

It will be located near the intersections of Albright Road, Heckle Boulevard and Saluda Street.

“If I can do this then the community can grow and flourish, then this side will be connected to the rest of Rock Hill”, says Vincent James.

James says the development will include restaurants, an incubator for economic and social impact and for many in this area, most importantly, a grocery store.

Former city councilwoman, Nikita Jackson advocated for years to redevelop this side of town.

“We are in a food desert, there is no store within a one mile radius”, says Jackson.

Rock Hill City Mayor John Gettys saying this project is a big step forward in the Clinton ConNEXTion Action Plan as a catalytic development within the new South Side TIF District.

“The way a Tax Increment District works is when you have private development like this creating tax revenue then you can put in public infrastructure. Public infrastructure if covered within that district, saves the developer that much more money so they can make it work. So that’s what we have, we have a Tax Increment District on the South Side the city created almost a year ago. We then turned around an annexed 2,400 acres so as those development happens we will have more than enough tax revenue to see the redevelopment of the South Side, so today is a big day because this is our private sector stepping up”, says Gettys.

There will be a demolition party of the property on August 4th, 2022. The entire community is invited to attend.

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