Musician Visits York’s Adult Enrichment Center, Sparking Memories




YORK, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) They say music is powerful and that’s been true for members of the Adult Enrichment Center in York. York’s A.E.C. members have been visited by a special musician who plays tunes that create those sparks and memories.

Some say each memory can have a soundtrack of its own.

And at York’s Adult Enrichment Center music can reignite special memories that were once lost. Now, the center’s first performer since the pandemic is spreading musical joy.

York’s Adult Enrichment Center Director, Cassandra Murray, says, “Especially with dementia, no matter how far along they may be — it kind of joggles that memory, it brings back old memories and you can see them perk up and start singing and so it definitely promotes their engagement.”

York’s Adult Enrichment Center leaders say about 60% of their members suffer from some type of dementia but they believe that musical performances like this would really help engage the members and even bring back memories.

Dave Foraker, or “Piano Dave”, played at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville for nearly 20 years. Sometime ago he had a stroke which stopped his passion for playing. But he says playing for centers like this one has helped him and is allowing him to get back to what he loves and he enjoys the seeing the members faces light up.

“I saw a hint of recognition in their eyes when I played a song they were familiar with music and memories that’s what its all about,” says Foraker.

Foraker says he travels around to centers, sharing music and knows that while the memories may not come back to stay every special moment matters.

“There’s another place that one of the first places that I played that there was an elderly couple there and after one of my visits there he said well, while you were singing you are my sunshine, all of a sudden Gloria started singing along with you. I said well that’s great, he says well you don’t understand. I haven’t heard glorious worries in 10 years… Yeah… That’s why I do what I do,” says Foraker.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with the performer and A.E.C. staff about what the music means.