Multi-War Veteran looks Back on Service in Two Military Branches as He Receives Quilt of Valor

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The Quilts of Valor Foundation continuing its mission to cover all U-S Military Veterans touched by war with a comforting quilt.

The latest ceremony taking place on this Wednesday at HarborChase of Rock Hill for a man whose service can be seen across several wars and even a couple different military branches. 96 year old Harold Schoepflin began his military service at 17 when he enlisted with the Navy to fight in World War II.

He says he lost his brother in that war, but decided it wouldn’t mean the end of his service.
Instead Schoepflin chose to continue the fight for his country as a Marine in the Korean war, and three separate tours in Vietnam war.

Schoepflin says he never expected to receive a quilt of his own, but he’s proud to be one of many veterans with the award and says he plans to wrap up in it whenever watching TV.

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