More than 18,000 students head back to school in Fort Mill

FORT MILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The Fort Mill School District welcomed more than 18 thousand students back to School on this Monday.

Kindergarten teacher, Jadyn Barrett at Riverview Elementary School has something in common with her students, they are all starting this journey of school together.

Barrett graduated from Nation Ford High School in Fort Mill in 2019. She says she’s always wanted to be a teacher, but Principal Darleen Romenick at Riverview Elementary was the leading force to get her in the classroom.

“She’s the reason I wanted to become a teacher. I wanted to be like her”, says Barrett.

Barrett is one of four former students Romenick taught in school who are now teachers.

“When I was teaching at the LAB school at Nation Ford our job was to grow teachers and retain teachers. So, what we did was, we let them see all aspects of the teaching profession, so when I had Jayden they came down they got to see breakfast lunch, they got to see subjects. They got to go on field trips with us and we grew them to be teachers. And the fact that Jayden is here with me is so special”, says Romenick.

Romenick says she’s focusing on making sure all of her teachers are supported throughout the school year, so they come back for years to come.

Also new this year at Riverwalk Elementary School is it started a new 4k program.

And with all of the growth in the district, District Public Information Officer, Joe Burke says they are already planning their 12th elementary school and it is set to open in 2025. It is being paid for by impact fee funds.

Romenick adds new this year, they have started a co-teaching model to make sure they are meeting all the needs of their students.


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