Mayor John Gettys On How The City Should Move Forward Amid Coronavirus

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Rock Hill Mayor John Gettys recently hosted a meeting for community leaders with representatives from local medical centers to discuss the Coronavirus.

Gettys talked about the city’s current medical environment and what needs to be done to stay ahead of the virus.

Medical professionals from North Central Family Medical Center, Affinity Health Center and Piedmont Medical Center coming talked about how COVID-19 has impacted Rock Hill, each organizations ability to handle those effects and how they city should move forward.

“So having our healthcare providers coming in today and share with us as a community that that we’re in a good shape, that they have plenty of capacity and that there’s a lot of testing going on and identifying people that do have the virus and so they can be treated and don’t spread the virusĀ  and that once that case is made, then we as a community need to recognize that when you go from 4,000 people being unemployed in York County before COVID to 20,500, according to the Catawba Regional Council of Government’s numbers,” the mayor said. “It’s time to figure out how we can help everybody else.”

Mayor Gettys also addressed businesses and families in need and new programs and funding available that the city is putting together to re-stimulate Rock Hill’s economy.

“We’re starting to see our organizations saying come July, come August, come September we’re gonna be back to where we used to be,” he said. “And there is a transition there and here’s what we’re gonna do to get to that point and if we’re a little to aggressive…we’ll just let the governor pull us back a little bit.”

Mayor Gettys talked about the importance of getting businesses back up and running and continuing to access the best way to help those in need in the community.