Mary Warner Mack Dog Park Opens

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Anne Springs Close Dog Park Membership

An outpouring of generosity helping to keep the memory of a tri-county woman alive.
The Mary Warner Mack “Off the Leash” dog park opening inside the Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill.
The 23 year old back passed away last July due to an illness.
Lancaster artist Bob Doster creating a silhouette statue of Mary Warner Mack and her rescue dog Ava to welcome visitors. Her mother says Anne Springs Close Greenway is a family favorite and the perfect setting
“We came out here every Sunday with our dogs and she was anxious to have an off leash place to take Ava. Ava was the first dog in the park so it will be a special place for a lot of families.” said Mack.
Our own Alison Rauch and her rescue dog Spice getting a chance to mingle and enjoy some of the furry company.
Nearly $200,000 dollars was donated from 43 states and the district of Columbia to create the park which covers 12 acres and even has a swimming hole for the dogs.