Man With White Nationalist Ties Denied Bond on Domestic Violence, Kidnapping Charges



YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) A judge denied bond for a man with white nationalist ties who is charged with kidnapping, domestic violence, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

Augustus Invictus’ wife says he pointed a gun to her head because he thought she was unfaithful to him, and then made her drive with Florida with their children. He was arrested in Florida in December, and extradited to York County in January.

“To conceal the bruises from the public, he regularly punched in my stomach and head so hard that it caused me to see flashes of light,” said the victim, describing years of alleged abuse, “He pulled out my hair by the handfuls. He has torn off my clothes, ripping them. He violently choked me on multiple occasions.”

The victim also said her husband is manipulative and dangerous.

“Augustus understands manipulation strategies well, and he has gone out of his way to study Charles Manson,” the wife said in court.

Rock Hill Detective Matthew Beach says because she reported the abuse, the victim’s life is now in danger.  Beach says Invictus wrote a letter which he called the Imperial Declaration on Code, where he allegedly said, “the only way this movement can survive is by becoming self-regulating – protect your own and annihilate traders.”

“The victim has told me that her actions in this case cause her to be considered a trader by the defendant,” said Beach.

One woman says she drove from Florida to attend the bond hearing.  She says she met Invictus as part of a research paper she was working on, and says she became one of his victims after she  helped his ex-fiance report alleged abuse.

“I was never physically assaulted by him, but the way he can obtain addresses, and send his followers after people, work his legal expertise,” she said.

Invictus’ attorney, Jeff Zuschke, says there isn’t enough evidence against his client.

“It’s just his word against hers on any of that, and her word didn’t come out until days later, after all kinds of crazy accusations in the meantime that have zero evidence to support them,” said Zuschke.

Zuschke also said that the letters read in court are part of an online persona, and is not a reflection of what Invictus is like in real life.

Judge Daniel Hall denied bond, saying enough evidence was presented to consider Invictus a danger to the community.

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