Man survives motorized parachute crash into logging field

NEWPORT, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Newport Fire Department says it was expecting to see a fresh green pasture when responding to a personal aircraft crash, Instead first responders say they arrived at a logging field where they found 18-year-old Toy William’s bleeding and unconscious, still strapped into his motorized parachute, better known as a ParaPlane.

Here’s some video that was sent to us by William’s family. the video was being taken by a friend he was flying with and in it you see William’s para-plane slowly descending before crashing.

Rescuer’s say they’re not sure what caused the accident, but they do know Williams was conscious during his descent as he was able to call in the emergency himself before hitting the ground.

The fan blades on his ParaPlane were still running even after the crash, with responders saying they couldn’t even start rescue attempts until getting it completely powered down.

Chief Carl Faulk, with Newport Fire Department, says William’s eventually gained consciousness and shut off the engine himself. This allowed first responder’s to remove him from the wreckage and send him to a hospital, where he’s currently receiving treatment for 2 broken legs, several broken toes, a dislocated right ankle, and a broken jaw.

Newport fire department says it’s never responded to an accident like this, but it’s using the tragedy to create a training guide that will better prepare first responders for similar situations.

William’s family released a statement to CN2 News saying, “We are firm believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and we will not allow a terrible accident like this to hinder our worship of our great God who sits above all and is sovereign over all. He is good even in the bad times!”

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