Longtime Fort Mill Elementary teacher retires, celebrated with adorable parade

FORT MILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – As she walked the hallways at Fort Mill Elementary for the last time Larenne Whitaker was looking for the faces of the many children she’s taught over the years.

She has taught kindergarten in the same classroom since the school opened in 2001.

Her initial plan was to retire at the end of this school year but had to say goodbye early to help care for her parents.

She says her philosophy throughout the years teaching was to love first, teach second.

She has received plenty of love in return. She says the relationships she has was not just with fellow teachers but also families of students over the years, and she knows those will last a lifetime.

Whitaker and her husband Bill plan to move to North Myrtle Beach in the months ahead, but she also plans to visit this last group of students as she plans to stay in their lives.

She says the parade at the school is one moment she certainly will never forget.

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