Local Eats & Treats at Rosita’s Mexican grill

YORK, S.C. (CN2 TODAY) When you step into Rosita’s Mexican Grill in downtown York, you are always greeted with a smile.

The love for their customers goes far beyond the good food, here it is all about family.

Deana and Irene Ayala are sisters. Their parents came to America from Mexico many years ago for opportunity.

Their father opened and ran many restaurants, working long hours in many different roles to provide for their family.

Now, Deana and Irene are following in his footsteps by helping run Rosita’s which is named after their mom.

Irene recently finished college and Deana says her entire family helped her pay her tuition. Irene also plans to go to Med school but will work here until that time comes.

They hope each person that walks in their restaurant feels love and like family.

Rosita’s is located at 42 N Congress street, York.

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