Life Lessons – Remembering Wendy Weinberger

CN2 News Anchor Laurabree Monday wants to share with you a bit of a PSA (public service announcement) about the importance of pre-planning and pre-paying if you can, for your funeral.

You may recall we did a 3 part series back in 2018 called Starting the Conversation – well Laurabree’s parents (Wendy & Roy Weinberger) were actually in one of those stories, talking about why they decided to make all the arrangements for their funerals.

Unfortunately, the story hit too close to home too soon. Wendy passed away in December of 2020 (from a brain aneurysm) and in honor of her, Laurabree wanted to re-share their story, that has a message we hope you’ll take to heart. While Wendy’s amazing spirit and energy are no longer with us – the memories, great stories and advice like what you’ll hear in this piece will always live on.

“Thanks for Dropping By” is etched on the bottom of the stone. Watch the story above to find out more about why that phrase was chosen.

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