Leaders Of Tomorrow Take On United Nations

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 News) – International issues are making headlines here in the Tri-county as students represent countries such as Greece, Tanzania, and North Korea for Model United Nations.

Patrick Lyle, a Rock Hill High School student, who has been competing since his sophomore year is now leading his team as a co-president through Model United Nations, and representing North Korea.
Lyle stated, “I’m trying to give them a bit more of an honest portrayal, and it’s been an interesting experience because, because you have to look at the U.S. in a much more negative light than you’re ever used to doing.”  He says the announcement of a meeting between North Korea and the United States made things interesting.  Lyle continued, “I think this was insanely well timed. That was just last week and with everything that was happening in the Olympics before that, it’s really kind of been moved to center stage.”

Fellow senior at Fort Mill High School, and opposition in this case, Isaac Leon was representing the United Kingdom, and says this conference is where all his hard work year round shows.  Leon said, “It’s three days, and it’s what the rest of the year is leading up to. We spend the whole year preparing for it, doing practice debates.”

Model UN allows these students to take a position on a variety of topics including immigration and security.  About 50 countries will be represented at Winthrop University over three days. Students are simulating discussions had by the United Nations council. York County students are representing countries with total opposite perspectives, but they can agree on one thing. It’s more important for students to know what’s going on in the wold now more than ever.

Senior advisor for Fort Mill High School leading his students through the conference for his 16th year Brandon Morgan stated, “I really think that that’s valuable for our students to do. It’s a higher order of thinking, it’s problem solving of the highest degree.”

Leon who has competed since he was a freshman said students need to get involved, “We’re going to be the future, and we need to know how we’re going to solve the issues that are currently facing all of us.”

Morgan continued, “It’s really a neat thing to see students be able to discuss with one another all of the different topics that come up here.”

Allowing the leaders of our future the opportunity to become a part of the conversation now.

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