Lancaster Police Department raises starting salary for new recruits

LANCASTER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – In an effort to compete with surrounding law enforcement agencies when it comes to recruiting, the Lancaster Police Department has raised it’s starting salary to $50,000 a year.

Police Chief Don Roper says this has increased the salary for new hires by $15,000 from the previous starting pay of $35,000.

He adds the pay bump would not be possible without help and approval from the Lancaster City Council.

“It’s hard to recruit in law enforcement in general and all of the local agencies and really across the state and across the country, we’re all recruiting from the same pool of applicants,” Roper said. “So to be able to be competitive with starting salary really puts us in a better position.”

A little more than a year ago Lancaster Police were short 13 officers, but according to Roper the department is now close to being fully staffed again, with 16 officers and 2 tele-communications specialist being hired recently.

Once all positions are filled the Chief said his next steps for keeping officers in the department will be to creat specialized divisions to give staff more opportunities to progress in their careers.

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