Lancaster Lively Dancers – Dancing Their Way to Fun and Health

LANCASTER, S.C. (CN2 TODAY) – A group in Lancaster invites everyone to dance with them for fun and good health.

The Lancaster Lively Dancers celebrating 14 years of dancing! They enjoy getting together to line dance at festivals and anywhere there is music. They meet each Thursday night at the Lancaster Bowling Alley at 7:00 pm and invite everyone to come out and join them. The $5 fee to participate goes to the Lancaster Bowling Alley which supports Christian organizations in Lancaster.

Dianne Mahaffee, Line Dance Teacher, said, “It’s so good for your health because your getting an aerobic workout, a memory workout to remember these line dances its a good social thing to do to get together with friends.”

To learn more about the Lancaster Lively Dancers click on video above.

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