Lancaster Armory Renovations

LANCASTER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) The Lancaster Armory is going through renovations which include work on both the inside and outside, plus better internet service and new air conditioning units.

“It’ll give the soldiers a little boost in morale to know that from working outside they can come in and cool off when they come inside,” says Sergeant Clayton Spinks.

The renovations started last October and should wrap up by September, says Spinks.  He also hopes changes to the building will help recruit more female soldiers.  Right now they make up just 10 percent of the unit.  The building is almost 50 years old, and before the renovations started, there weren’t adequate showers for women.

“They had to use the male shower and we had to post somebody out front to make sure nobody went in while they were taking showers. Now they have five shower stalls and we have a handicap stall,” says Spinks.

The Lancaster Armory hasn’t seen such intense improvements since it was first built in the early 1970’s, this according to Spinks.

South Carolina Representative Brandon Newton says that is because of a lack of funding on the state’s part.

“The way it works is that the state and the federal government split these kinds of costs 50/50, but for a long time, the State has not been putting much money towards this,” explained Newton, “So even though we’ve had federal dollars available, we haven’t been able to use them in South Carolina.”

Newton toured the facility earlier this month along with Representative Mandy Powers Norrell.

“I think it’s come time upon as a community to take care of the people taking care of us,” says Newton.



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