KinderCamp allows new students to explore school without the worry

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The first day of class for the Rock Hill School District will be Monday, August 21st. That first day drop-off can be tough for families, especially with new students who may feel a little scared about their new environment.

Thanks to the district’s “KinderCamp” those students will have hopefully nothing to worry about when the bell rings.

KinderCamp is a camp that is held for new Kindergarten students in Rock Hill so they can become more familiar with their school.

During their time this week, the kids get to explore different areas of the school such as the library, cafeteria, Gymnasium, and of course their classroom.

Those within the school district say this is a great way to not only reassure new students, but also to get those first few day jitters out of the way before classes officially began.

KindCamp is taking place all across Rock Hill Schools this week.

And for those that have 4k or Kindergarten student the Rock Hill School District is starting with a staggered start so make sure you know when your child’s start date is.

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