Keystone Substances Abuse Services Using Social Media To Reach Youth

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Its estimated more than 4 billion people are currently on some sort of social media platform worldwide. That’s according to the University of Maine.

Leaders with Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill say our youth is receiving false information on social media when it comes to vaping and other substances and many are trying those substances at a young age.

Since focusing on their social media, like TicTok, those at Keystone say they’ve seen increased traffic to their website.

Thanks to a grant, Keystone Substance Abuse Services hired Winthrop University student, Jade Scott as its Social Media Specialist.

Between college classes, she works to make videos on Keystone’s social media, especially TicTok, in an effort make sure middle and high school students are aware of the dangers of vaping and marijuana, as well as creating a positive atmosphere.

Ashley Osborne is the Prevention Coordinator with Keystone.

She says along with the social media specialist, thanks to the grant, they are also able to focus on Geo Targeting and Geo Fencing.

Follow @KeystoneYork on TicTok and other social media platforms to learn more.

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