Not Guilty – Former Rock Hill Police Officer

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Just before 7:30 PM jurors returned with a not guilty verdict in the case of Jonathan Moreno. The former Rock Hill Police officer was charged with assault and battery 3rd degree after video leaked from an arrest. No word if his job will be reinstated. We will have more on the juror’s decision as it becomes available.

Earlier on this Wednesday  the jury told the Judge in the Moreno Case they can not reach a decision.  On this, Day 3 the Judge issued an Allen Charge which instructs the jurors to go back and continue to deliberate.

CN2’s Renee O’Neil was in the courtroom and said today at 2:30 pm Magistrate Judge Michael Scurlock came back in to say the jury had a question about when a suspect is considered under control. The judge told the jury this is not for them to consider, reminding them to go back to the law book, saying Moreno is charge with Assault and Battery in the Third Degree.

If Moreno had been found guilty he could have faced no more than 30 days behind bars or not more than $500 dollar fine.

The former officer, Jonathan Moreno faced charges after the controversial arrest of two brothers in Rock Hill back in June of 2021.

The arrest of Ricky and Travis Price was captured on a cell phone and went viral, sparking several days of protests and riots.

Rock Hill Police officers arrested Ricky Price on drug and gun related charges. His brother Travis Price came to the scene to collect is brother’s belongings and that’s when the situation took a turn.
The Rock Hill Police Chief says Moreno violated policy by escalating a situation regarding the arrest of Travis Price.
Eventually charges against Travis Price of hindering the police, were dropped.
Moreno was fired from the city on July 7th and then charged with assault and battery.

Click below to watch the video in question and our story from court day 2.



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