Rock Hill Could Get $20 Million Settlement Over Failed Panthers Facility, Documents Show

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – A December Confirmation Hearing is still set for a judge to rule in the Bankruptcy case over the failed Panthers Headquarters Facility in Rock Hill.

That case includes the City of Rock Hill as well as other creditors. If approved, the city could get $20-million as part of a settlement agreement.

During court today York County’s attorney requested the December hearing date be pushed back to 2023. Saying they haven’t been given enough time since the latest revisions were made to review.

In the end though, the Judge, said she was not persuaded to deviate from the date scheduled which is December 14th with an objection deadline of December 2nd.

This comes after the City of Rock Hill and Gt Real Estate, according to court documents, agreed on a $20 million settlement over the failed site, which would require each to drop lawsuits against the other.

The county is not a part of that specific settlement agreement. County officials estimate they’re owed at least $80 million from the project that has to do with the Mount Gallant Road Project that wasn’t completed and the economic impact from the project that didn’t happen.

The interchange state road project that would have connected to the failed 240 acre site is still projected to go.

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