Voters Say No To Incorporation By A Landslide

INDIAN LAND, S.C. (CN2) – UPDATE- The voter turnout for Indian Land’s incorporation was very high officials are saying, but the unofficial results make it clear voters do not want to become a town.

9,086 voted against the incorporation, and 1,853 voted for it.  This is the third time this issue has been filed, but it has never gotten this far.  Those for the incorporation say the democratic process was followed, and thanked the elections board.  Some even said they will not be participating in the campaign in future.  Three years must pass before the motion can be refiled.  However, organizers are sure it will come up again.

Councilman Brian Carnes who represents Indian Land and is a native, says timing may have been an issue.  With more than 83% of voters against the idea, officials with Lancaster County doubt the vote will be swayed at the certification hearing the 29th of March.

Many of those voting against the incorporation of Indian Land spent the evening celebrating their victory at Midtown Sundries.


About 25,000 people are registered to vote on whether or not Indian land should incorporate. Doors for polling places opened at 7a.m, and poll workers say traffic has been steady.

People are standing firmly on both sides of the issue currently. One thing is for sure though, there are not many people in the middle, so this could come down to the wire.

“I think both sides have presented their story. There’s been a lot of communication going on. You know, flyers, meetings. And when you start talking more government, more taxes, people get passionate”, said voter Jim Mertes.

Officials here say Traffic has been steady, but only about 20% of the registered voters at the Transformation Center voting location had cast their ballot by 2:00 p.m.  Polls close at 7:00 p.m. and the votes will be tallied Tuesday night.  The official results won’t be certified until after the public hearing on the 29th.

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