Hurricane Ian Has Arrived In The Tri-County – Tri-County Emergency Management’s Response

TRI-COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Hurricane Ian’s path has shifted to the east, which emergency management officials say is good new for us here in the Tri-County.

In Lancaster County emergency services say their job hasn’t looked much different from any other stormy day, but they do expect that to change. Lancaster is considered a storm ready county, and they have been working with the National Weather Service to track the hurricane in hopes of keeping the storms surprises to a minimum.

York County is expected to receive an average of 2 and a half inches of rain – that’s down from earlier expectations. Throughout the day on this Friday, wind speeds have been between 23 to 48 miles per hour.

The York County Emergency Management Director says all of the wind and rain have come from the front half of the storm, before the eye. He says the backside of the storm will bring little rain and wind, which is unusual for storms like Ian.


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