Hungry Heroes Spreads Message Of Positivity, Feeds First Responders Amid Negativity Surrounding Police

ROCK HILL, S.C. — In a time when there’s negative publicity surrounding law enforcement officers, Hungry Heroes, a York County-based agency that feeds first responders, has a different message to share.

On Thursday, the organization served hot dogs, chili slaw, chips and drinks to 80 employees with the Rock Hill Police Department.

Usually, it only caters to officers on duty. This time, it fed everyone, detectives, dispatchers and officers.

There was even enough food left over for night shift crews, dispatch and Medic.

Staff with Palmetto Cabling Solutions helped Hungry Heroes serve the food and sponsored the event.

Amanda Riggan, founder of Hungry Heroes, says not everything that’s on social media is accurate. She says there has been more positive feedback when it comes to police officers.

Riggan adds random people have been paying for officers lunches and bringing donuts and other items to the department to simply say thank you.

“These men and women put their life on the lines for us. They are also someone behind the badge, I have soldiers, marines, police officers in my family and so it’s always been near and dear to my heart,” Riggan said. “Whatever you can do to give back, like I’m not a professional chef. Obviously hot dogs aren’t hard, but any gesture is appreciated.”

You can donate to Hungry Heroes or purchase apparel online at Proceeds go back to support the organization and its efforts.

Riggan says her organization hasn’t been able to serve law enforcement in other states because of the pandemic. She hopes she’ll be able to travel again soon.

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