How should you be sleeping for Back to School?

FORT MILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Sleep, most know it’s important. In fact, studies show it improves your brain performance, mood and health!

For many they hit the bed hard at night and with school starting soon you may be want to know how to get your kids back on a good sleep routine.

CN2 caught up with Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Kaitlyn Woodell, who works with Fort Mill Family Practice. She said getting the right amount of sleep can prevent you and your child from getting sick, it can even help with mental health issues like depression, as well as help your child to pay attention more in school.

Woodell also talked about caffeine and children. She recommends people do not drink any caffeinated drink after 12:00 PM to prepare your body for sleep.

She also shared the dangers of energy drinks for younger children. School aged kids, from ages six to 13 should get anywhere from nine to 12 hours of sleep.

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