CN2 Hometown Hero says being active is secret to keeping young at 100

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – One York man is showing that age truly is just a number and inspiring the rest of us along the way.

World War II Veteran, John Chason continues his weekly workout routine even after turning 100 years old. He has been working out twice a week at the York YMCA since 2012 and says it’s his secret to living a long healthy life.

Chason regularly attends the Silver Sneakers class at the gym which is why other class participants gave him a post workout celebrating a century party this week.
He says he plans to continue his exercise routine as long as he can, and is thankful for his grandchildren who drive him to the YMCA each week.

Chason said, “I spend an hour on the treadmill, and on the elliptical, and the rowing machine. I probably don’t do very good, but I do the best I can. So as long as I can I’ll keep coming, as long as somebody will bring me.”

YMCA Fitness Instructor Kelly Arwood said, “He is just amazing, when we’re doing class and if I change something up, if he’s got it, I know I can continue on. The other ones just have to catch up.”

That isn’t the only surprise Chasen is receiving, as he says The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Sharon, which he regularly attends, is renaming it’s fellowship hall to Chasen Hall as a way to honor him.

Chasen says that honor even shares his age as it was constructed in 1923, the same year he was born.

Because of Chasen’s years of service with a mindset to keep moving and staying healthy that continues to inspire, CN2 is happy to add Chasen to the growing list of Hometown Heroes in our community.

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