Hometown Hero: A Long-Time Belleview Bookkeeper Who Will Be Missed By All

ROCK HILL, S.C. — In these times, it’s not often you meet people who’ve worked at the same job for even a decade.

But one woman has worked at Belleview Elementary for 34 years, which is why she’s this week’s CN2 hometown hero.

Mrs. Peggy Sarratt has been a bookkeeper at the school since 1986. Her team celebrated her retirement with a drive-through parade.

Before coming to Belleview, Sarratt worked in accounting at General Foods. She says when she started at Belleview, they were calculating and keeping records by hand.

Later, she says they celebrated when they got a typewriter.

Sarratt says what kept her always coming back to work, the good people she worked with.

In the video above, learn more about Sarratt, what those around her have to say and her plans for retirement.

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