HireQuest Direct In Rock Hill Working To Put People Out Of Work, Back To Work

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Hiring the right people at the right time.

A temp agency in Rock Hill is looking to take people who are out of work and put them back in the field.

It’s called HireQuest Direct and it came to the area in early March.

HireQuest Direct with branches across the Carolinas is a day labor company that places workers in the hospitality and construction industries.

It’s employees can be doing anything ranging from site clean-up, road construction, unloading trucks and flagging at job sites around the Tri-County.

They might also be doing debris clean-up, electrical jobs and for example wiping down new refrigerators at a new Arby’s in Chester.

Senior Branch Manager Keith Snelgrove says although Coronavirus has slowed some business down, workers are still needed, especially at outside sites where workers can maintain social distancing and wear masks.

Snelgrove adds HireQuest Direct is also a part of the Saluda Corridor, an area that’s working to revitalize in Rock Hill.

“It’s starting to rejuvenate its appeal again. We meet once a month down there at the wellness center,” Snelgrove said. “We want to be part of that. We want to be part of that growth. It’s giving us opportunity out there to get our name out there as well as being able to give back to the community.”

HireQuest Direct, located at 624 Saluda Street in Rock Hill, is accepting applications.

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